Is this you?...

  • Stuck at home? Check.

  • Guitar lying around? Check.

  • Going nuts so need repeatable, skills-based, engaged hand-and-brain activities asap? Check.

  • We're proposing that for a cup-of-coffee contribution each week (aka 5 bucks), you'll get access to a) 3 x 10 minute video topic lessons for beginner guitar, b) workbooks, music and practice plans to make practice easy, and c) a new, rocking skillset for your darlings while you get some space!

Your Instructor

Super guitarist. Teacher. Dad.

Bart Stenhouse

Bart Stenhouse is a multi-instrumentalist who brings to the table over 20 years experience in performing and teaching worldwide. His niche lies in Flamenco, North Indian Classical and Jazz genres, but his knowledge and skill covers Blues, Rock, Funk, Bluegrass, Pop and Classical styles as well. With a Bachelor of Music (Jazz) from the Queensland Conservatorium (2005) in Australia, Bart has taught privately, led group masterclasses, tutored at school music camps and lectured in Music Technology and Music at the Queensland Conservatorium.

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